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Bellam Undrallu ( Rice floor, Jaggery sweet)
Sweets-Dessert,Hyderabadi,South Indian,Veggie
Rice Floor - 2 cups
Jaggery - 1.5 cups
Water - 4 cups for talikalu 
        2cups for jaggery syrup
Elachi - 3

This sweet is a speciality for Vinayaka Chavithi in Andhra.

1. Boil the rice floor in the water.
2. Cook until the mixture comes together and looks like upma. Consistency should be neither too wet (if this is the case cook a little longer) nor too dry(add little water).
3. Let the mixture cool down till it is easy to handle.
4. Take small quantities of this mixture into hand and with both hands rub the mixture so that it forms thin strings(talikalu) like a rope. Donot make it too thin or too fat
5. Boil the jaggery in 2 cups of water. After the syrup forms slight thick constitution, add the strings to it.
6. Let it cook for 5min till all the jaggery become thick. Turn off heat
7. Add the grounded elachi powder
Bellam undrallu are ready.

They can be eat directly or by adding little bit of Ghee