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Singhara Burfi Recipe
Sweets-Dessert,North Indian,Veggie
1/2 cup Khoya 
3/4 Cup sugar 
1/2 cup Singhara flour (Water chestnut flour) 
2 Tbsp Ghee 
1/2 Cup Water 
1/2 Teasp Cardamom Powder 
Fry the flour in Ghee, in a heavy pan till it turns light pink (over low flame)
After it turns pink, transfer it to another vessel
Then stir Khoya in the pan till lumps are gone and it becomes light pink
Mix the cardamom powder and flour to into it
Keep aside for cooling
Prepare thick syrup by boiling water and sugar together till it is of thicker consistency (the consistency can be checked by putting a drop of syrup in cold water. If it forms a soft ball than it is of right consistency)
Remove the pan from flame
Now mix the syrup immediately to the Khoya mixture and keep stirring it so that it blends well
Grease a plate and transfer the whole mixture to it.
Then level the mixture and cool it
When the mixture becomes cool and sets, cut it into pieces, using a sharp knife
The Singhara Burfi is ready to be served
Makes around 15 to 18 Burfis